This is my modest space on the internet where I write about statistics and using R. I assume anyone reading this site is probably looking for help, hence the tagline “help with learning statistics.” I find that teaching statistical concepts helps me better understand the concepts myself. So this blog is mostly about me trying to solidify and expand my statistical knowledge. But if it helps others, so much the better!

Clay Ford

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  1. Matan Gilbert

    Hello Mr. Ford,

    I found your blog in a search for resources addressing the generation of (fake) data for analysis. Are you aware of any texts that treat this subject from an introductory level, including understanding and choosing appropriate probability distributions, etc.)?

  2. Clay Ford Post author

    You may want to check out the book An Introduction to Statistical Computing: A Simulation-based Approach by Voss. I have never read it and it looks expensive, but it appears it might be a resource for generating fake data. See chapter 2, Simulating Statistical Models.

  3. Kyle

    Hi Clay,

    I found you after having read several articles you wrote on analyzing Categorical data using R posted on the UVa Library Services website. On two occassions now I was at a loss trying to understand what my professor (or Agresti) was talking about (or why it mattered). Then I read your articles working through basic analyses and afterwards engaging with the finer details in my notes and the textbook made a lot more sense. Thanks for taking the time to write so clearly. I appreciate it.



  4. ss

    Hi Clay, I just saw your r codes on github about effects plot: https://github.com/clayford/effects_pkg. Both the rscript and the rmarkdown files gives error when running the codes. The rscript as far gives error because of the data set babies is not available and the markdown gives several erros. Do you have the opportunity to update them? I would really appreciate it!

    1. Clay Ford Post author

      Hi. I just saw this comment. I have updated the GitHub repo so the Rmd file compiles and have added the babies data set. The effects package has been updated quite a bit since 2016 but the code still seems to work ok.


  5. Kyle Grealis

    Hi, Clay! I see that’s it’s been a while since a reply was posted here, so I’m hoping that you’ll still see this. I was working with the {pwr} package in R, was reading through the vignette, and I’m hoping it’s you that wrote it. If possible, I do have a couple questions… at your convenience!

    Thank you!


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