Bass Tablature

Every now and then I like to tab out songs using Bucket o' Tab. It's for Windows, it's free, and it's mercifully easy to use. Here's what I have:

Hutch and the Hookers

Hutch and the Hookers
This isn't bass tablature. These are guitar chord charts for Hutch and the Hookers.

Life Ain't No Fun Without Beer


I've always admired Ross Valory, especially his playing on Escape. I may be a biased bass player, but I truly believe his bass lines make the songs on that album. Here are four that are just flat-out fun to play. "Dead or Alive" is a chops-buildin', blister-poppin' scorcher!

Don't Stop Believin'
Stone in Love
Who's Crying Now
Dead or Alive

For over 20 years, bassist John Gallagher has provided the distinctive and raucous bottom-end for the legendary metal trio Raven. Whether playing in speedy unison with guitarist (and brother) Mark Gallagher, taking a distortion-drenched solo, or laying down a thunder-groove on his 12-string, John always creates a bass line that fits the song and threatens to damage your speakers!

For the Future
Rock Until You Drop
Wiped Out
Take Control
Mind Over Metal
All for One
The Bottom Line bass intro only
Young Blood
Nightmare Ride
Speed of the Reflex
Do or Die
How Did Ya Get So Crazy
Seen it on the T.V.
Gimmie Just a Little
The Savage and the Hungry
Life's a Bitch
Iron League
On the Wings of an Eagle bass intro only
Finger on the Trigger
Lay Down the Law
You Got a Screw Loose
White Hot Anger

This little-known band from Canada only released two albums: Metalized (1986) and Sweet Dreams (1988). Why they never caught on with metal audiences is a mystery to me. Their songs were catchy and heavy, and the guys were quite talented. The bassist, Mike Larock, plays the essentials, never straying too far from home. I don't blame him. These songs are an absolute blast to play and require no embellishment.

Where to Hide
Life on the Sharp Edge
State of Shock

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