Original cacophony...I mean, compositions, recorded in my house. Instruments include a Steinberger Q4 bass, Carvin DC127 guitar, Alesis SR-16 drum machine, and generic vocals, all performed by me. Listen at your own risk. There's a very good reason why they're available here and not on a CD at music stores.

Both Ends
(4:09, 3.8 MB)
I wrote this entirely on the bass and added a "guitar line."

Let It Go
(4:52, 4.6 MB)
Friend wrote the lyrics and told me she envisioned a kind of raw, punk song. The result was not very punk, but definitely raw.

Running to the Sun
(4:50, 4.5 MB)
Another bass first song. The guitar is way over-processed and the bass way over-compressed, but what the hell. Live and learn (and re-record!)

She's The Girl
(4:31, 4.0 MB)
I wrote and recorded this for my wife on Valentine's Day. Very cheesy, but the drums are good.

Speaker for the Dead
(1:36, 1.9 MB)
An improvised bass solo I recorded in high school using Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive and DOD Digital Delay pedals. In the middle of the solo the volume goes up, which was originally a mistake but now sounds intentional. Lots of feedback, bends, and tapping -- stuff that's no longer fashionable for bass players.

The Driving
(4:17, 3.8 MB)
Probably the best guitar solo I've ever done. Unfortunately the vocals weren't recorded very well. Yet another bass-driven song.

(3:55, 3.6 MB)
This really needs to be re-recorded. It's got a decent bass line but the guitar over-powers it. The vocals are pretty bad, too. Then again, with me, they're never good!

All songs copyright 2002 Clay Ford, except "Let it Go" copyright 2002 Clay Ford and Theresa Woods. All rights reserved.


Some ideas I had for instrumentals. I wrote them for a band/project I recently started with some old friends. Since the drummer creates his own beats, I didn't futz with any drum programming -- just your basic 4/4 beat endlessly, mercilessly, looping...

Coasting Corners
(6:47, 6.3 MB)
Lots and lots of bass chords....

Plus Minus Five
(5:07, 4.8 MB)
A funky sort of song. I used to slap and pop the bass line but fingered it for the recording. My first time playing a wha pedal on the guitar.

Swollen Area
(5:08, 4.8 MB)
I've had this bass line in my head for years. When I joined the band, I added a middle section and made up a little guitar part. Voila, one of our first songs.

The Edge of Meaningless
(3:53, 3.6 MB)
I challenged myself to write and record a song in one day. This is what happened.

All songs copyright 2004 Clay Ford. All rights reserved.

Jazz Covers

Aint Misbehavin
(2:37, 1.2 MB)
Nice bass solo, considering I hadn't practiced this song in several weeks when we recorded.

Deed I Do
(2:38, 1.2 MB)
This number features some good bass and drums action to start the song.